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CMS AMIGO Is An Online Text Editor And Content Management System

CMS Amigo is an easy to use multi-functional content management system. It's hosted in the cloud and NOT on your server, so there's nothing for you to install. You simply connect to your website using any secure FTP protocol. If you can use MS Word then you can easily learn CMS Amigo. The cost is superb value at just $25 annually, and we even offer it free with some of our web development plans.

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CMS AMIGO Is Feature Loaded

Get started in just minutes:

1) Connect your website using FTP, SFTP

2) Select the pages you want to edit

3) Define the areas within your pages that you wish to edit

You don’t need to install any software on your server or local machine. Thanks to our cloud architecture, you can edit all of your websites from one account. All you edits and additions get get published right back to you own server whereever it resides. This methond provides your own site a higher level of security!

You can easily creat new pages in CMS Amigo. You can duplicate an existing page, rename it and add new content. Since most websites use indentical headers and footers, you can add new content in an existing page and rename it.

Our editor is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Toolbars make editing easy and panels appear at just the right times to let you customize things — but at its core, our editor looks just like your webpage! It creates pure, simple and semantic HTML.

CMS Amigo allows you to easily edit content, embed videos, manage photo galleries, and more. Edit everything visually and publish pages back to your server with a click.

Metadata elements are hidden elements that tell browsers and search engines what each page is about. You simply open your page and select "Edit Metadata from the menu. CMS Amigo also allows for adding Open Graph (og tags) used to enhance your site's social media presence.

Server side languages such as PHP are supported based on following the rules posted in your editor.

Content regions are added within an id and the editable-area class to an HTML element such as a div tag. Based on the selected element CMS Amigo will open the proper editor. There are rules in the menu that show you what you can and can't do!

CMS Amigo has more to offer than just a pretty face though. There's also a great deal of functionality and flexibility to be found. For example, the platform allows you to manage a number of sites from one place, even if you have multiple hosting providers. There is a one-time setup for each site added of $25US. There are no monthly hosting fees.

We're here to help you. We have a help page with most of the How-To's and a support form if you need more help.

Content blocks are editable regions that will allow you to edit content in any defined region. The appropriate visual editor will popup when you select the editable element.

The include function allows you to include content across multiple pages. So change the include file and it will be shared across multiple pages. This is perfect for things like headers, footers, and sidebars that need to stay the same from page to page.

CMS Amigo is fully responsive so you can edit your site from anywhere on most devices.

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Do You Really Need A Database Driven CMS?

Database driven website builders such as Wordpress, Joomla and many others are very popular and used by millions of websites. They include databases such as MySQL, SQL, Postgres and other DB's to write the code and store it. They are therefor subject to attacks from hackers and require contant security updates.

It takes a lot of time to install, configure, and maintain a content management system for each website you design. The truth is, most sites don’t need a robust, database-driven CMS. Most sites need something easier, and that’s where CMS Amigo does its best work.

CMS Amigo is loaded with many features that allow you to edit most markup on HTML pages or even PHP pages. You manage all your sites from one remote location without the worries of maintaining any software locally. Just about every aspect of managing your site is handled by CMS Amigo, and if you have a static front end website, then CMS Amigo might be all you ever need.

Responsive Web Apps

On the modern web some 60% of users view the Internet through a mobile device or some other screen smaller than a normal desktops. So it is imperative that your site works well in all (or at least most) screen sizes (break points). The templates we offer here are all optimized to look good in most modern devices.

CMS Amigo is fully responsive so can edit your site from anywhere.

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Google Site Speed

Google considers both mobile and desktop site speed as an important ranking facter in its SERPS(Search Engine Results Pages).

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